Other Applications


Liquid crystal Laser

  Liquid crystal band-edge, and random lasing based on nematic, cholesteric, and blue phase liquid crystals are also extensively discussed and published by our team. The dependence of lasing wavelength range, mode characteristics, excitation threshold and other pertinent properties on external field and detailed make-up of the crystals platelets were obtained. The integration with fiber optics also supports the potential widespread use of LC lasing as a spatially incoherent, flexible laser source.

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Liquid crystal Grating and Beam Steering

  A high-degree-of-freedom beam-steering element makes such operations more efficient and versatile. It is successfully achieved by azoben-zene cholesteric liquid crystal polymer (azo-ChLCP) and self‐organized liquid crystal grating. This highly tunable grating has great potential in vibration detection, light propagation control, multi-directional optical modulations and spectroscopy applications, and beam steering.

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Liquid Crystal in Photonics

  Liquid crystal is a very potential material to utilizing in photonic circuit for modulating the light caused by the highly tunable effective refractive index. The LC micro-ring resonator possesses easy switching, and long memory. The designed filter based on LC and guided-mode resonators exhibits a very large spectral shift in resonance wavelength. Also, the all-optical elements by virtue of the optical nonlinearity are also achieved. The demonstrated capabilities of these devices have shown great potential in all-optical control system and photonic integrated circuits.

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